Our annual trip to Cozumel this year was delayed by an ice storm in Dallas Texas.  We were called on Thursday night to learn that our Friday flights were cancelled and would be rescheduled on Saturday. Then on Friday morning we got a phone call informing us that my mother had passed away at 4:00AM.  Fortunately, this was an anticipated event, and since we had all of the funeral arrangements prearranged, we opted to have the wake when we returned home.


Photos:  Top left to right - Gary, Silvia, Dennis, and Nancy.  Silvia and Dennis are the owners of Casa Deja Blue, our residence in Cozumel the past 3 years.

Center- Left:  Nancy onboard the dive boat, Esfuerzo

Bottom-Left:  Gary relaxing on the bow of the Tucan, a trimaran from Cozumel Sailing.

Casa Deja Blue